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IT Complete drives profit for MSPs

ProfitFuel is the result of Kaseya’s IT Complete platform, which increases profit and available cash for MSPs by reducing software costs, increasing technician efficiency, and powering all of the essential IT services small businesses demand today.

The role of IT in small business has evolved over the last two decades, from a background support function, to core business infrastructure, to what is now the very fabric and existence of the business itself.

Are you prepared to meet the demands of a changing customer base?

Deliver Essential IT Services

Deliver all the technical capabilities the business requires; including Security, BCDR, and Compliance.

Increase Technician Efficiency

Must do more with less. Adapt to changing demands despite reduced budgets and staff.

Control Your Costs

Must find a way to immediately reduce hard costs for software KIT used to deliver managed services.

Deliver Essential Services

An Era of Transformation

Customer satisfaction increases 74% when the MSP is able to address the expanding needs of the business through Kaseya’s IT Complete platform. IT Complete has everything modern business needs in ONE integrated platform.

Each suite is comprised of products which can be licensed individually, or together, allowing the IT service provider to build out their functionality over time.

Kaseya’s solutions are best-of-breed in each category, but enhanced when used together…

74% Customer Satisfaction Increase
Increase Efficiency

Do More With Less

Kaseya’s suites are engineered to talk to each other at critical points in the technician’s workflow.

Completing the same task in competing systems can be a journey through 13 steps, across 5 products from 5 different vendors with 5 wildly different interfaces, and with 3 or more break-points where workflow has to stop so the tech can switch systems or manually retrieve information.

Kaseya’s workflow integration is proven to deliver more than 25% in technician efficiency, which means 25% more hours in the week to address business needs, and the savings of not having to hire more technicians

25% Technician Efficiency Increase
Think About This:
Technicians waste as much as 50% of their time between tasks because of non-integrated software.
IT Complete Workflows

Complete integration is the ‘flow’ of ‘workflow’.

Our real workflow integrations are governed solely by Kaseya, and joined not application-to-application, but through our sustainable integration hub.

  • Code-independent applications
  • Joined in an API/Development Hub
  • Functions lead naturally to the next
  • Similar look & feel
  • Single sign-on
  • Consistent terms governed by one company

The IT Complete platform has more than 70 workflow integrations and adds 6-8 more each quarter.

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Control Costs

Savings = Profit

The software needed to manage IT Services typically accounts for as much as 30% of the budget of and MSP. Simply put, Kaseya’s solutions are less expensive; 33% less than competing solutions on average.

If an MSP has a $1M in revenue, Kaseya can instantly recoup an extra $100k in profit. Plus, with the integrated efficiency gains, Kaseya’s IT Complete drives as much as another $150k in saved labor costs.

Save hard costs, save labor costs, get more done, and acquire and retain more customers by meeting the critical needs of digitally transformed small business That’s PROFITFUEL.

33% Profit Margin Increase
Client Testimonials

Hear what our customers are saying

"Kaseya has a broad umbrella of technical tools, and at the same time, Logically has a need to standardize our tech stack on best-of-breed solutions while minimizing the number of vendor relationships to maintain. So, it’s just the marrying of those two. To me, this has been the definition of a partnership,” Chris explained, adding “Kaseya is the difference between a partner and just another tech vendor."

"We chose to build the majority of our stack with Kaseya because we found that our goals and values directly aligned with their products, services and people."

Brandon Fogliano Director of Technology, Corporate Technologies Group

"Kaseya's products are mature so you can put what you need in, and get out what you need tenfold"

Rick Jordan CEO and Founder, ReachOut Technology

"With Kaseya, we've been able to significantly improve our ticket resolution time. BMS enforces more details in our help desk process, and now it's easier than ever to find those details and other relevant information with IT Glue"

Eric Johnson President of Credo Technology Group, LLC.

"The synergy between Vorex, IT Glue and VSA allowed us to scale our service level to that of a 10-12 person IT department with just the two of us. Also, being able to consolidate (and trust) billing has saved us more than 50 hours per month alone."

John Tkalcich Director of Technology, Staples-Motley School District
Get IT Done.

From complete endpoint management to the latest in security and compliance, the Kaseya family of solutions gets IT done for you.

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