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A complete and ready entry point and front end for IT Complete, KaseyaOne features a single sign on, integrated billing and unified support.

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Single Sign On

SSO For Everything Kaseya

With KaseyaOne, the Multi-function technician needs only one URL to access all of the tools they count on to get their job done. New technicians can see every tool currently in their bag, and browse for additional Kaseya solutions to meet any need.

Integrated Billing

Billing & Licensing For Everything Kaseya

With KaseyaOne, the Multi-function technician can see every invoice, every allocated agent or software seat, and every license renewal – all consolidated into a single, easy to read statement summary. This saves hours per month dealing with multiple vendor licensing and invoice management.

Unified Support

Support Summary & Ticketing For Everything Kaseya

With KaseyaOne, the Multi-function technician can see every open support ticket and instantly contact their account manager or their supervisor. They can also access Kaseya’s help documentation, user forums to get help from peers, or link into KaseyaUniversity – a combination of online and live training to help them get the most from their Kaseya solutions.

Utilization intelligence

Intelligent Cooper Tips

With Cooper in KaseyaOne, the Multi-function technician can see a summary of the opportunities – revealed by their usage meta-data – for ways to get more out of the features and integrations of each Kaseya module and the integrated Kaseya platform as a whole.

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Client Testimonials

Hear what our customers are saying

"Kaseya has a broad umbrella of technical tools, and at the same time, Logically has a need to standardize our tech stack on best-of-breed solutions while minimizing the number of vendor relationships to maintain. So, it’s just the marrying of those two. To me, this has been the definition of a partnership,” Chris explained, adding “Kaseya is the difference between a partner and just another tech vendor."

"We chose to build the majority of our stack with Kaseya because we found that our goals and values directly aligned with their products, services and people."

Brandon Fogliano Director of Technology, Corporate Technologies Group

"Kaseya's products are mature so you can put what you need in, and get out what you need tenfold"

Rick Jordan CEO and Founder, ReachOut Technology

"With Kaseya, we've been able to significantly improve our ticket resolution time. BMS enforces more details in our help desk process, and now it's easier than ever to find those details and other relevant information with IT Glue"

Eric Johnson President of Credo Technology Group, LLC.

"The synergy between Vorex, IT Glue and VSA allowed us to scale our service level to that of a 10-12 person IT department with just the two of us. Also, being able to consolidate (and trust) billing has saved us more than 50 hours per month alone."

John Tkalcich Director of Technology, Staples-Motley School District
Get IT Done.

From complete endpoint management to the latest in security and compliance, the Kaseya family of solutions gets IT done for you.

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