The Best Defense

With the ever-increasing number of devices connected to every network, the pathway for malicious agents to enter grow by the second. A full defense guards every path.

The Need

The Small Business
Security Tipping Point

The increase in technology maturity for Small Business brings with it the powerful productivity tools of the enterprise – as well as the bad guys who try to exploit users, networks, and data. Small and Mid-size businesses are seeing mature attacks at a rate previously encountered only by the largest businesses and government institutions. Unfortunately, most Small Businesses don’t have the time, money, nor staff to mount a capable defense…

Until now.

A new wave of modern security tools has arisen to safeguard Small Businesses from phishing, ransomware, dark web compromise, and the advanced virus and malware tactics used by today’s cyber-criminals. Affordable and effective, these tools stop breaches before they occur while preserving the ease and efficiency needed by the already overworked IT teams supporting Small Businesses.

Think about this:

76% of SMBs will experience business disruption as a result of a Security Event in the next 3 years

The Answer


Dark Web Monitoring, Phishing
Simulation & Security Awareness Training


Threat monitoring from CyberHawk ™ to catch
threats that get passed your firewall & AV/AM.


OS Patching (Windows & Mac),
3rd Party Software Patching and AV/AM Protection

Kaseya Responds

Secure from All Sides

With comprehensive Dark Web Monitoring, Anti-Phishing – including simulations to expose the employee behaviors that lead to credential theft – and more. Couple with firewall, Anti-virus/Anti-malware, and robust patching solutions and you
have a security stack that provides a complete blanket of protection. All unified and integrated in a single platform so that they’re easier to use, manage and maintain.

Security with IT Complete

Ready for Anything

A comprehensive security suite provides defense against malicious attack, intrusion, and data theft, but there’s more that can go wrong in a robust business network. Human errors, natural disasters, hardware failures, and other events can put critical data and operations at risk.

Much like a car with robust safety features, our Security Suite will help you prevent a crash; but in the instance where one happens anyway, wouldn’t it be great to have a rewind button?

Backup and Disaster Recovery is, in many ways, an extension of security – providing a way to undo the worst case scenarios. Our Security solution is linked to our Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite. In our platform, you can always hit rewind and undo human errors, natural disasters, and more…

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