Play by the rules

Regulations and process auditing shields consumers from businesses who are careless with sensitive data, but the effort places a burden on IT. Automate IT!

The Need

Regulations, Regulations, Regulations

Perhaps no segment has seen more explosive growth in recent years than Compliance. Regulations to protect personal consumer data, healthcare records, credit cards and more have put a burden on businesses and their IT services providers to demonstrate their efforts to secure this information. It’s not the accountants or lawyers bearing the burden. Since breaches, failures and transaction records are digital, it’s the IT team that is being held accountable.

The Answer

Automatic Compliance

We built the Kaseya Compliance Suite, and Compliance Manager to simplify the identification, reporting and consistency of compliance protocols. Get an out-of-the-box compliance management solution for HIPAA, GDPR, NIST, and other regulations.

Intelligent Compliance

The great part is, you (the IT provider) don’t even need to know anything about the regulation itself. The system is intelligent enough to guide you through the steps to create regulation-ready compliance reports.

Compliance Manager

Too Much To Do

Managing the business compliance procedures is just the latest In a seemingly never-ending list of tasks today’s multi-function IT Technician must perform. Keeping track of all the incoming requests and service tickets while staying sane is not easy; and as with all busy people it boils down to being efficient with your time.

Perhaps nothing is more powerful for that purposes than An integrated ticketing/job system that links directly from ticket to task in the relevant suite. Kaseya’s PSA/Service Desk solution ensures you always know what comes next, and gets you into doing it without any wasted time.

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