Backup & Disaster Recovery

Regret isn’t part of data integrity

Most mistakes in life can’t be undone; once an action is taken, you’re forever forced to live with the consequences. Business data is too important to regret not protecting it.

The Need

The Best Defense is the Rewind Button

Backup and Disaster Recovery is, in many ways, and extension of security – providing a way to undo the worst case scenarios, while also protecting the critical data of the business.

We’ve seen a steady rise in the perception of this functionality within small businesses with a 64% increase in demand in just the last year. People are realizing that in order to stat compliant, overcome security breaches, or simply maintain business, having a fresh, reliable backup is critical.

Whether human error, hardware failure, natural disaster, or even intentional sabotage is the cause, over 64% of small businesses lost data and/or operational function in 2019. Undoing the damage feels like magic, and makes the IT professional a life-saver to the panicking business when they’re able to quickly recover from a critical loss.

The Answer

On Premises

Kaseya’s Unified on-premises solution provides a complete disaster recovery plan, setup, and full Backup of critical systems with No-Touch Failover and Infinite Retention


It can help to keep the most critical information
Off-site, so even a natural disaster can’t take it from you. Our File and Image Long-Term Backup in the cloud provides certainty for your data.


Too few small businesses consider the amount of
critical information now being held in their Office 365, Google Suite, or Salesforce accounts. Assure that information is safeguarded with Kaseya.

Kaseya responds

All-around data protection

Kaseya’s suite is, of course, comprehensive, covering local and cloud backup to ensure the entire spectrum of business operations is protected both on-premises with appliance, or in the cloud. And as with the rest of the suite, all at a much lower cost than competitive solutions.

Backup and DR with IT Complete

See IT All

It’s difficult to guard a castle you can’t see. With the massive proliferation of devices in today’s small business network, along with the hundreds of updates, patches and applications In use, it can be hard to know just what you’re protecting.

Layering a full Audit Suite aside your Security and Backup Protections ensures you have full visibility into the full breadth of your managed network.

Our Backup solution is complemented by our Audit Suite In the platform, allowing you to have full inventory and reporting of everything that needs protecting, managing and updating…

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